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Jenny is a frighteningly bright Philosophy student, Tim is her flirtatious slacker of a flatmate. Come here to follow the life adventures of these two absolutely not stereotypical Cambridge students. You'll learn very little in the process, but I'll get better at watercolour.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

iPad and Punishment

First published in TCS Michaelmas Issue 4, 2010

'I know! I know! Pick me!'

'You don't know, Chris. You just googled it. It's not the same thing.'

'But look! look! I can tell you where the nearest toilet is!'

'GOOD. Now go and drown yourself in it.'


  1. Hihihi!

    Les philosophes sont des geeks maintenant??? Hell has just frozen over...

  2. Calme tes ardeurs ma grande soeur :)