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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dreaming of a White Cambridge Christmas

First published in TCS Michaelmas Issue 9, 2010

Cambridge Christmas, or the stubborn, collective and annual decision in a smallish city of the UK to ignore that there is still 1/12th of the year to go until it's actually time to celebrate.

This is the last TCS comic, but fret not, for the Thursday comic will be maintained (and so will the Sunday one)!


  1. I'm such a loser too, I have nearly done alla my Christmas shopping too.
    I thought I could not be more jealous of you for living in Cambridge, but now that I know they celebrate Christmas for a month (which I do too, with calendars and stuff), I am! ;)
    Cambridge is so wonderful. And it must be so beautiful right now... :)

    Great cartoon as usual!
    But WHERE IS THE MONKEY?! Did they sell it / eat it / make mittens with it?

    Do they really sell these explosive presents? :D

  2. The monkey's doing his Christmas shopping! he'll be back soon :p apparently it's going to snow in Cambridge soon.

    Nah, the explosive present must be a vague echo of my childhood reading the Smurfs :)

  3. Ouf! J'ai eu peur pour lui. Comment il s'appelle, BTW? (pas chiante, la fille... :p)

  4. justement, je ne sais pas!! faut que j'organise un sondage. Des propositions?

  5. Aah nous il a neigé aujourd'hui :) Et moi ça fait déjà depuis un mois que j'ai ton cadeau ;)

  6. Simon???? :p

    Let's think... a good name for a monkey... Neville? Immanuel? Albus? Darcy? Dobby? King Kong?