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Sunday, 24 July 2011

(Heart)breaking News

As I write these words, news of Amy Winehouse's death have just been tweeted...

too late.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This so remins me of stuff I used to play! And I also read the first page...

    Do you know a child the age of Naomi? :)

  2. hehe, do you know, I can't actually decide how old she is...

  3. no i think maybe 8? did you read the papers that much at 4 mathilde? wow :)

  4. Well, I did read at 4 (not the newspapaer though, more like... little novels with four words on each page...) and I certainly did play these crazy games! :)

    But don't you think 8 is a little too old for Naomi? She's very... eager and playful.

  5. hehe ok so my opinion is that she's somewhere between 5 and 7 but she does look 4. Let's say 6

  6. I'll give you 5 years 11 months.