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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Calculated Risks

Papercuts and drinking too much coffee, arguably, are the main risks of this sort of enterprise.


  1. "No, it's a philosophical study" is NOT an acceptable answer to the question "Will you inflict pain on your subjects?"!!!! :p

  2. Don't forget: there is always the risk we get lost in the UL! ;)

  3. Haha Mathilde you're probably right!! :D

    Ashley - yes and papercuts! Papercuts!

  4. Wahou, ça fait peur... Tu as dû aussi remplir un formulaire pareil?
    Tu devrais vérifier que l'aquarelle n'est pas toxique, on ne sait jamais...:)

  5. Does this actually happen to PhD candidates, then?

  6. oh yes :D

    I had to fill in a whole form like that. In the real world there are more or less 25 questions...