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Jenny is a frighteningly bright Philosophy student, Tim is her flirtatious slacker of a flatmate. Come here to follow the life adventures of these two absolutely not stereotypical Cambridge students. You'll learn very little in the process, but I'll get better at watercolour.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sleepy Genius

It's getting dangerously close to week 5 for Rob.


  1. Do you actually know all these philosophy things, or are they made up? They look like they could be real!

  2. haha, no, they are entirely made-up :D

  3. You actually helped me get right the identity of the philosopher who developed the categorical imperative the other day. It was in the College University Challenge tryouts too, so thanks :)

    Oh, and something tells me that Jenny needs to learn the meaning of the phrase 'research period' ...

  4. that's hilarious!!! I think I should make it my USP. 'The webcomic that will make you win University Challenge'

  5. Challenge of the week : use "New subplatonic metaphysics yoohoo" in a conversation. "Yoohoo" being the essential part. :p