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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Give the Monkey a Name!

Give the monkey a name... and if it gets picked, you get to choose one of these 4 amazing gifts:

A) Eternal Life
B) A night with your favourite film star
C) The Cloak of Invisibility
D) An original drawing of Jenny, Tim and the Monkey

Note: gifts A, B and C subject to availability.

The name has to be: 1) understandable in English, and 2), NOT 'Darwin', even if you think it's really funny. You can submit as many names as you want. Contest closes on December 14th.


  1. Here are my choices :

    - Dobby
    - Mister Darcy
    - Karol

  2. Oh, I can submit as many names as I want! Yeah!

    - Neville
    - René the monkey
    - Humphrey

  3. - Winston
    - Emile
    - Helmut
    - Well... Harry
    - Socrates
    - Mufasa (je sais que c'est un lion, mais je m'en fous, je suis post-moderniste et j'aime la déconstruction)
    - Je voulais rendre hommage à Simone de Beauvoir, mais malheureusement, la version masculine serait insultante pour ton cher et tendre. Tell him I said hey. :)
    - Tangerine (get the pun?)
    - Tim Jr. (because, you know... he found the monkey).

    (Sorry, I'm pretty much polluting your website... you shouldn't have promised such gifts for the winner! You should probably start calling Gabriel Byrne - je m'accommoderais d'Alan Rickman ou de Colin Firth... lol. I'm joking : not only Alan Rickman is getting a little old, and Colin Firth would cheat on me with Elizabeth Bennet, but what wouldn't we do for an original cartoon from you? ;) - never mind the fact that it will get super valuable, and in the future, I could sell it and get movie stars slash men-whores. Haha.).

  4. haha that's fine don't worry! go on. It's quite entertaining :)

  5. - Dudley (double référence british > HP (well... duh), and Queen Elizabeth's lover, played by Joseph Fiennes in the Cate Blanchett's version and JEREMY IRONS in the Helen Mirren's one...).
    - Tom (et après Tim pourrait voler un autre singe, l'appeller Ginny, et tu vois où je veux en venir).

  6. I think I'm running out of ideas (but I can't promise anything!)...

    - Lord Simius

  7. - Eryk
    - Bruce
    - Haiku
    - Truckle
    - Fish

    Any of those?

  8. Emmanuel -Jenny's sweetheart...

    Trotsky?(Tim does History, right?)
    (reference to Stalin, the swan, Cambridge terror in Mays 2010 :P)

    Chuck, or Norris

    Obi Wan (I like that one!!!)

    Bilbo (everyone keeps making reference to hp but i think the lord of the rings is better...) and Bilbo is small and hairy too!

    Dave (tribute to that wonderful milkshake in Shakeaway... you should try it if you haven't yet!!!)

    Abu! That's the monkey in aladin, but he's pretty amazing too... probably under copyright though.

    i'll probably find some more later :)
    Agathe, not your sister, the other one!

  9. He looks like a Theodore...or maybe a Jonty.
    Whatever you call him, I'm going to name him Theodore!

  10. As a homage to a deceased but doubtlessly very disturbed celebrity monkey and a nod to your tagline, Bubbles is surely appropriate.

    Or maybe Simeon as a homophone of simian...

    Moneke as a tribute to Reynard...

    Marcel, if you want to quote 'Friends'...

    PG as a rating for the strip and a reminder of a cup of tea...

    I should probably go and do some teaching now.

  11. Mes propositions, donc :
    - Aloysius
    - Darius
    - Hamilcar the Monkey!
    Bref, les noms en -us vont bien aux animaux en général, et les noms antiques encore plus, alors...:)

  12. brilliant suggestions, thanks! keep them coming :)

  13. I'll assume he's male:

    David - referencing the circumstances of his appearence

    Cameron - ditto

    Charles - totally not a Darwin reference

    Karl - referencing a figure at the intersection of history and philosophy. Also not a Darwin reference



    None of these are as good as Hamilcar though. More stuff needs to be named after the other Barca.

  14. Thanks anonymous! but who are you?

  15. I'm a webcomic nerd, came to this page via lukesurl. I don't think you know me. I tend to underestimate my fame though :)
    Hope you don't mind me commenting.

  16. of course not! you're more than welcome. But if you win I'll need your name :)

  17. Jeeves! Or Wooster, depending on your personal taste : the brilliant sidekick or the funny twit. ;)

  18. Hannibal!
    Like the psychopathic cannibal (Hannibal the cannibal... I just got that... O_o), and the elephantine conqueror.

  19. Humphrey, comme mon acteur préféré (ce qui est une excellente raison, héhé). :)

  20. Oscar. Because he's a Wilde animal.

  21. HA! I was starting to wonder when someone would finally suggest Oscar.

  22. Héhé... dis-moi, il me reste deux jours seulement pour continuer de faire sauter ta bande-passante!

    Muggle-Wump. You know, like in Roald Dahl. And there's Muggle in it too.

    Godzilla (although I don't remember if he was a robot or a monkey...)

    Koko, this is the gorilla who learned 100 words or so of our sign language in the 60s.

    Missing Link (lol!).

    Fudge. Because I really liked it.

    Toffee. (cf supra).

  23. Godzilla est... un dinosaure! :D

    vas-y gaiement, deux jours et ensuite c'est la grande décision :)

  24. Ah ouais, en effet, c'est même un dino franchement flippant. On dirait de la pâte à modeler.

    Then I will go bananas :

    - Cartoon
    - Muse
    - Jimi
    - Beauvoir
    - Cricket
    - Bellamy