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Jenny is a frighteningly bright Philosophy student, Tim is her flirtatious slacker of a flatmate. Come here to follow the life adventures of these two absolutely not stereotypical Cambridge students. You'll learn very little in the process, but I'll get better at watercolour.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Borrowers

First published in TCS Lent Issue 1.

It's unfair! It's unfair! when I was an undergrad, I wasn't allowed to borrow books from the UL! If only I'd been allowed, then I... er... well, I guess I wouldn't have borrowed any book anyway, as I hardly ever set foot in the place.


  1. Clementine, you have included your favourite spot in the whole of Cambridge in this comic! Lovely. ;)

  2. Undergrads couldn't borrow books? That's so unfair! Good thing it changed.

    Your drawing has evolved, that's cool to see the changes! :)