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Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Magic of Acknowledgements

Sometimes you just want to scream 'OMG TOO MUCH INFORMATION' when you read the acknowledgements pages of academic books. Darling author, I know you've been working on the damn book for years, but I really don't care that you got the idea in your bath, or in your bed, or in your car, or goodness knows where else. And yes, I'm sure your partner was absolutely the most helpful person in the whole world but please cut down on the drippingly mawkish assertions of eternal love. I don't think you really need to thank all your dogs, either. And well done on having a baby the day the book was accepted for publication, but seriously, whether it was delivered naturally or by C-section is of very little relevance to your chosen topic.


  1. This is just awesome, and so true!!! :D
    I am in love with Hamilcar on drawing n°3, he's just too cute. (And he's so rocking these glasses!)

    BTW, you know how sometimes you see people in the street with their dog and they look freakishly similar?... I think this is starting with Tim and his monkey! (Cf drawing n°1 ;) )

    Something's bugging me though : do English people wear Lacoste? French textile industry ruuuuuuuuuules! ;)

    And a general question : your characters always drink tea out of tea bags and not with loose leaves... how typical is this of the Englishman today?

    This one is really great, and although I know Tim & Jenny is a cartoonesque Ross & Rachel, I feel pretty good for them... (I can almost hear your evil laugh of derision from here.)
    But I'm warning you : I am NOT waiting ten years for them to get together. ;)

    Gros bisous,


  2. Hehe that's just me being obsessed with Lacoste polo shirts. Yes they do sell them here but you don't see them around that much.

    As for tea... don't want to start a debate, but I don't think the English really live up to their reputation. They even put teabags in teapots (!)

    You may have to wait a *bit* more. Maybe not 10 years... but not 10 days either :)

  3. Argh, tea bags in tea pots! >>>>

    Ten... hours, then??? :)

    I have to say though, that in a lot of academic books, I found the acknowledgement section to be the most entertaining of the entire work. Or even interesting. And I'm afraid that sometimes, this is all I remember... Yes, Doubrovsky, I'm talking to you.

  4. I just went back to read all the comics I thought I'd missed when I didn't have the internet - and I have apparently read them all! Clementine please produce more immediately.

    PS I have no opinion on putting tea bags in tea pots. I must be the only English person not to like tea!

  5. Fingers crossed for progress on the will-they-won't-they front in the May Week special, then ...