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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Valentine's Dead

First published in TCS Lent Issue 4, 2011 - Co-written by Matthew Topham

Dear readers,

I'm afraid that for once (and I promise it won't happen again (soon)) this is fairly incomprehensible to you if you don't read The Cambridge Student. But if you don't, why not? You can download all the issues in PDF!

Matthew Topham is my TCS 'neighbour' - he writes the column opposite my weekly comic - and this week we paired up in a metajournalistic way to combine his wry statements with my ink and watercolour.


Taking this opportunity to thank you (yes, you) for visiting the blog - you may not leave comments but I can see you on Google analytics... (ooh creepy) and recently there's been more and more of you. So thank you! please come back. Next time the strip will be fully comprehensible for the non-TCS-literate.


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  1. BTW, do you know that the heart symbol is thought to originally be a representation of a woman's arse while she's bending over?
    Suddenly, I warm to the idea of Valentine's day. :p

    Nice HP reference, BTW.