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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sophie's Choice

First published in TCS Lent Issue 2, 2011.

I'm not saying a pole can't empower. Just look at all the punters.


  1. Post-modern style? BReaking the boundary.... :p

  2. hehe Chrys you won't even need to go to my lecture on comics :D


    >>> 5C(c*SdB) = 3GG
    Soit : cinq cartoons de Clémentine d'humeur beauvoirienne équivalent la lecture de trois volumes de Germaine Greer.

  4. Although, you have to admit, it probably does keep you fit.
    So does prostitution, actually. All that walking on the sidewalk, and all that fresh air, that's really good for your calves and skin. Not to mention being fucked in the mud gives you a cheap face scrub.

    (I don't really agree with myself on that comparison, but I couldn't resist).

  5. HA oh I thought that comic was perhaps a bit too mild but your comment def makes up for the lack of goriness

  6. My pleasure! :)

    Envisages-tu une version NC-17 du C(i)S?
    Ce ne serait jamais que la suite logique de ce que ton pseudo laisse espérer : BLUEclementine.

    BTW, je suis en train de me regarder des clips de Jimmy Carr. Merlin's balls, ce type est immonde. Et je suis explosée de rire. Last in date :

  7. haha no, sorry! more or less PG is enough for me so far

    hehe can you tell where 'blue clementine' comes from? so far only one person (my sister) got it... think French... think poetry

  8. chépa pourquoi j'ai répondu en angliche là

  9. Ben oui c'est évident. Eluard! :)